"My work has grown out of my love for drawing and the calligraphic mark. It reflects the search for meaning, my observation and contemplation of life and nature and the sheer joy I experience when creating.

My most recent work is more abstract and free than anything I have previously produced. Since expressing myself in this way, I have realized that the viewer often reacts personally to the work rather than just admiring artistic accomplishment.

This discovery has been extremely rewarding."

Kaye works from her studio on Lake Jessamine and may be contacted at the numbers or email listed below:

Studio Phone: 407/859-6095

Born in Jamaica of Phoenician descent, Kaye Hanna enjoys the opportunity to make the most of her cultural diversity. Early as a child, Kaye's mother (an Artist in her own right) provided encouragement that developed into a dedicated and defined creative process.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a BA in Graphic Arts, Kaye has flourished with grace in the fine arts.

A master Calligrapher by profession, she remains passionate about her painting, and often incorporates the calligraphic mark into her works. "The exploration of self-discovery continues to be a challenging but fruitful journey, filled with wonderment. When you discover the truth about yourself, you are awfully glad that there is a thing called grace!" Truth, Grace and Mercy continue to be very meaningful concepts in her growth and is often the subjects of the pieces created.

For Kaye, the excitement and challenge to create, to artistically communicate thoughts while working with the mark, is the ultimate reward. "The powerful impact art can convey when the viewer is made to ponder or to be encouraged, is consistently satisfying", states the Artist.

Kaye freelances from her home studio in Orlando, Florida. Her work is in private and public collections, and though her design work includes both commercial and private commissions, the expressive aspect of her work is what she relishes most - employing a variety of writing tools "anything that can make a mark".

Kaye teaches Calligraphy at the Maitland Art Center, Maitland Florida.

She participated in a group show of Jamaican artists working in the United States. This show, New Possessions, was open from August 3rd to October 29, 2006 at the Art Museum of the Americas, Organization of American States, in Washington, D.C. .To go on a Virtual Gallery Tour of that show, use the following link: http://www.museum.oas.org/exhibitions/museum_exhibitions/new_possessions/image_14.html

More recently (2008), Kaye's "Sacred / Scarred" exhibition took place at the Mutual Gallery and Art Centre in Kingston Jamaica. Read Mary Hanna's art review on this exhbition. To read the keynote address given by guest speaker, Dr. Sarah Anita Clunis on Kaye's work., click here.

To see more about Kaye Hanna's past and current exhibitions please visit the exhibition section here on her web site.


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